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India’s human capital so far has been more a story about the market, and about its

                    has been recognised by businesses and markets. But there are undercurrents that herald
                    a change. There is an upscaling at the wider level. India has progressively moved up the

                    the IT services businesses are massively expanding headcounts, and Indian technology
                    businesses are grabbing the global digital explosion. India will still have its shortages,

                    but between a vast pool, investments, and economic attractiveness, the step-up in India’s
                    workforces will lend a ‘New Edge’ to its capability and leadership.

                    measures of GDP and the like. But in its qualitative transition: and its ability to now partner
                    or lead the world in technology and process competitiveness, scale – more value than only
                    volume as historically – and capabilities rather than only costs. This too isn’t happening
                    overnight—it’s a mix of investments bearing fruit, global economic, political and market
                    shifts, policy and infrastructural initiatives, and business and individual leadership. We

                    are already stark and conspicuous, but we believe it would progressively shine out, and
                    translate from our more qualitative perspectives now into more quantitative bearings.

                    Is the path irreversible, is the pace established, and is this shift more than fully recognised,

                    India before. And importantly, could this ‘New Edge’ be double-edged? We do believe
                    there is a need for discernment, there will be risks and also shortfalls. The socioeconomic-
                    political structure must at least keep pace with this change. And some luck is desirable: at
                    the macro and global level, with the driving pillars of the change, and with businesses. The
                    path will be long and occasionally lonely, but it has, we believe, been laid out.

                    We, at Edelweiss, over the last many years at our Annual Equity Conferences, focused
                    on what we believe are structural and far-reaching shifts. These often get missed out in
                    day-to-day pursuits of the economy, markets, businesses, stock prices, and NAVs—and
                    these are vital. But to get them really right, you have got to get a good look into the
                    transformations of the times. We believe the next transition is India’s ‘New Edge’—and
                    that’s what we focus on at our 17th Annual Equity Conference.

                    We welcome you to the conference, do hope you have a very fruitful and happy experience,
                    and,  as  always,  look  forward  to  building  on  our  ongoing  interactions,  and  exchange
                    of ideas.

                    Shiv Sehgal                                                                                     Aditya Narain
                    President and Head, Institutional Equities                      Managing Director & Head of Research
                    Edelweiss Wealth Management                              Institutional Equities

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