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Energy  has  been  India’s  bugbear—necessitating  huge  and  FX-guzzling  fossil  fuel
                       imports that are awfully polluting. This is set to potentially turn on its head. India is on
                       the threshold of a generational shift. New Energy plans build on India’s advantage as

                       the world’s lowest-cost PV base given locally abundant key ingredients: sun & sand. The
                       upcoming largest and most integrated capacities globally shall revolutionise renewable
                       energy economics further, enabling green hydrogen production at one–fourth the cost
                       of global levels. This is a USD10tn opportunity—to create, re-energise and transform
                       India from being sapped by its energy burden to one in the vanguard of a switchover to
                       green energy.

                       Manufacturing has for long been the holy grail of Indian economic and job creation

                       scheme showcasing the shift. And the third, global shifts: the China-plus-One sourcing
                       strategies are already inspiring and shifting capacities to India. There is a ‘New Edge’ to

                       India’s manufacturing, and its proof is in the ‘making’.

                       India’s digital
                       boxes. There’s the digital infrastructure for Identity (Aadhar), payments (UPI) and mobile
                       payments—all of which are state-of-the-art, open architectures and cheap. The very
                       essence  of  a  platform. There’s  now  scale  and  risk  capital—India’s  rocketing  Unicorn

                       shortage of entrepreneurs, ready to risk, and make the leap forward. India has always

                       been a player in the global digital shift—its ‘New Edge’ positions it in more of a leadership
                       role, for its own market, and the contributions it can make beyond.

                       India  has  been  built  –  physically  and  in  mindset  –  on  capital  scarcity.  This  has
                       evolved over the last couple of decades, but it’s still been very ‘foreign public market

                       equity investor dependent’—and at the relatively low end of the equity risk spectrum.
                       A couple of decacorn listings is only the tip of the iceberg. There has been a fundamental
                       broadening of the capital pool – the retail domestic equity investor, private market

                       expanded: VCs to yield investor, only liquid public markets to long-term infrastructure
                       assets,  and  the  appetite  for  private  market  risks  at  scale.  This  is  not  an  overnight
                       phenomenon, but India’s massive and stabilising capital access shift—a ‘New Edge’ that
                       will be the basis for building bigger and better.

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