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Dear Client,

            India  is  not  new—as  an  economy  of  opportunity,  a  dollar  destination  and  a  landscape  of

            scale of its one billion-plus consumers, its open economy and a regulatory and policy setup that

            consistently lead the parade of economies—for involvement, investments and indulgence. All this,
            for businesses, corporations and investors of course, but also for governments, academics and
            commentators. While India has also disappointed, and faces challenges, it has long been a player
            in the global economic sweepstakes.

            arbitrages and value for the rest of the world? Has India, with more people than economic muscle,
            been a leading market and destination, but not really a ’market setter’? Has India led large parts
            of the world in size, growth rates and optimism, but not really created markets, technologies,
            capabilities or competencies? We would argue that some of this could be true.

            Yet, we believe the narrative around India is ready to shift beyond scale, costs and an also-ran
            investment destination to one wherein it starts setting the pace, leads in development (product
            and practice), provides the scale, starts creating and innovating, and assumes leadership. This shift
            – pronounced in some segments – is a thread that’s increasingly running through the broader

            of  events,  technologies,  corporate  zeitgeist  and  policies  are  bringing  to  the  fore,  and  driving,
            India’s ‘New Edge’.

            This ‘New Edge’ lies in the shifts that we see in New Energy, India’s’ digital explosion, the upgrading
            and scaling up of manufacturing, the maturing and upskilling of India’s human capital, and the
                                                       These tectonic shifts set the pace and tone, and as this
            ‘New Edge’ seeps through the economy at large, it would show up qualitatively, be progressively

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